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    We make theatre that's original, fast-paced, stylish and more often than not, set in the past. The settings of our plays have so far traversed the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, allowing for memorable and creative soundtracks, visuals, and costume designs - yet the subject matter never loses sight of issues facing contemporary society every day. In playing with the past we aim to address the audience's present, while giving them a very good time and a piece of theatre that's just as innovative as it is enjoyable. So enjoy our site!

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    Original writing.

    Chagos 1971

    Welcome to the dog days of empire.

    A comedic dark comedy about a very real event.


    Take a darkly funny trip into the dog days of Empire. In a Parliament building in April 1971, five government reps were tasked with a surreal mission: find a way to clear 2,000 indigenous people off an archipelago in the far corner of the Indian Ocean. What they decided is so grotesque you may not believe it, but this here is a true story. Written and directed by Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller.


    Five-star, sold out run at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe. Performed in London's Katzpace Theatre, September 2019, and as part of Bedlam Festival 2019, to a sold-out audience.




    "The most intelligent piece of theatre I have seen at the Fringe... I would give it more stars if I could."

    - Annabel Jackson, Edfringe Review



    "Captivating, shocking and brutal in its honesty... an utter triumph of theatre."

    - Hannah Goldswain, Edfringe Review



    "A show of unprecedented professionalism, delivered with clarity and sensitivity. Absolutely one to watch."

    "Theatrical wonderstuff."

    "A perfect mix of wit, politics, and satire."

    - Young Perspective



    "Pitch perfect satire in the Windrush scandal era."

    - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine



    - The Student


    Audience reviews:

    - "Really good, and funny... the writing was brilliant and the acting was great."

    - "Both hilarious and shocking... a thoroughly enjoyable play."

    - "An excellent play on a very interesting topic. The acting was phenomenal and the inter-character dynamics made the play immersive and engaging... Five stars, no doubt."



    The summer of love. With visitors.

    1967, New Mexico. In a tiny town during the Summer of Love, three FBI agents investigate uncanny local reports of strange, possibly extraterrestrial activity. Have they discovered something truly surreal? Black Bat Productions returns after the acclaimed ‘Mack The Knife’ with a brand new story full of psychedelic music, humour, twists, and style.



    "A freewheeling exercise in both nostalgia and modernity that is highly recommended."

    "Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller’s script and direction crackle with fun and an apparently effortless cool."

    "An object lesson in how a drama – even one with a science fiction theme – can take place in one room without losing anything in imagination or verve."

    "A remarkably enjoyable piece of theatre."

    - AllEdinburgh Theatre

    Mack The Knife

    Oh the shark has, pretty teeth dear, and he shows them, pearly white

    A pitch-black noir comedy. Premiered during Bedlam Festival, at Bedlam Theatre; January 25th-27th 2017.



    "Proves just how comprehensive the talent is under Bedlam’s roof”

    “It is fair to say that, had it not been revealed, the audience would have assumed that it were written by an individual much further into their career”

    “For a debut performance, Mack the Knife offered a great deal and shone a spotlight on the exciting future of Bedlam’s original writing”

    - The Student


    “a clever and applaudable conceit”

    - Edinburgh49 

    Mack The Knife - Fringe

    What kind of a name is Lady?

    The full-house Fringe run of Mack The Knife.



    - Edinburgh University TV


    "Brimmer-Beller’s direction is imaginative and expansive."

    "An accomplished piece of theatre."

    - AllEdinburgh Theatre 

    Arthur Savile's Crime

    Who would you kill if you knew you had to?

    Based on Oscar Wilde's Lord Arthur Savile's Crime, a new, Edinburgh-set update on the soothsayer intrigue, with plenty more comedy.


    Premiered at Bedlam Theatre; November 25th, 2015.



    “Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller’s play was a joyous romp through the world of dark comedy.”

    “Comic relief from the somewhat more intense scenes are a hallmark of the play and it is credit to Brimmer-Beller that he has managed within the tight constraints of a half an hour play to strike the balance brilliantly between high drama and raucous comedy.”

    “the script both pithy and the lines delivered well.”

    “Without reserve, Arthur Saville’s Crime was a thoroughly enjoyable play.”

    - The Student

  • CHAGOS 1971
    Edinburgh Fringe 2019
    "★★★★★" "★★★★★" "★★★★★"
    "★★★★" "★★★★"
    Edinburgh Fringe 2018
    Edinburgh Fringe 2017
    "★★★★" "★★★★"

  • Press

    We talk to the world!

    On Chagos 1971 with The Student

    22 August, 2019

    “‘Some may come for the comedy and find matters of interest in the political detail; others might come to hear more about this obscure yet vital story and stay for the humour.”’


    Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller, writer and director, promises a spiking witty and epically political piece of theatre in this interview on his Fringe show Chagos 1971.


    Available here.

    On ​Chagos 1971 with University of Edinburgh Festivals Office

    2 August, 2019

    "Following shows such as Mack The Knife in 2017 and last year's Technicolor, Black Bat Productions are back at the Festival Fringe with a new show. Chagos 1971 is a biting political comedy surrounding an unbelievable decision made in the Foreign Office in April 1971. Written and directed by recently graduated student Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller, and starring University students past and present, the show will be performed throughout August at the ZOO Playground in the University's High School Yards. We spoke to Nathaniel about his latest production."


    Available here.

    On ​Chagos 1971 with FreshAir Radio 

    15 August, 2019

    "Fresh Fringe's Jelena Sofronijevic sits down with Black Bat Productions' Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller (writer/director, Chagos 1971), Sophie Boyle (Gretchen Specter), and Michael Zwiauer (Sir Bruce Greatbatch)."


    Available here.

    On ​Technicolor with University of Edinburgh Festivals Office

    8 August, 2018

    "Nathaniel Brimmer -Beller is about to enter his 4th year as a student of International Relations at the University of Edinburgh. He founded Black Bat Productions in 2016 when he put on Mack The Knife at Bedlam Theatre and since then some fabulous people with unique talents and insights have come aboard to create a well-oiled team who are producing great works."


    Available here.

  • Posters

    Made special.

    Mack The Knife

    Original design.

    Some Gilda, some Touch of Evil, some influence from jazz records of yesteryear. Available in monochrome, sepia (above), and hazy blue.

    Lady & The Blue Notes

    A take on Lee Morgan's "Lee-Way."

    A little promotional material, for setting the scene.

    Technicolor - Character Posters

    One for everyone.

    To evoke the feel of a real roll-out.

    Mack The Knife - Character Posters

    No small parts.

    Drum up that team energy.

  • Trailers

    For friends and for fun.


    January 2017.

    Play by Tidal Waif Productions.

    Trailer by Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller.


    November 2016.

    Play by Peter Morgan.

    Trailer by Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller.

  • Film

    Sometimes lights. Always camera. Usually action.


    Finished & out there.

    • The Teenagers (2018)
    • Ah, Hi There (2016)
    • Four Jews (2015)
    • Uniform (2014)
    • Happy Birthday (2014)
    • 'I Love You' (2014)
    • Everyday Afternoon Coffee (2013)


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